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Request Samus and Lucy head swap by Ardenkopokefan Request Samus and Lucy head swap :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 25 5 To one of my bestest friends here a gift by Ardenkopokefan To one of my bestest friends here a gift :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 9 7 Sabrina teasing Adriana by Ardenkopokefan Sabrina teasing Adriana :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 23 6 A lazy cat booping Kelly's head by Ardenkopokefan A lazy cat booping Kelly's head :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 6 5 Allison the Snowgirl by Ardenkopokefan Allison the Snowgirl :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 7 5 Allison Summer Beach Adventures by Ardenkopokefan Allison Summer Beach Adventures :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 7 5 Mikoto age regression by Ardenkopokefan Mikoto age regression :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 16 10 Adriana and the chase by Ardenkopokefan Adriana and the chase :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 8 23 Happy Birthday to you Jay by Ardenkopokefan Happy Birthday to you Jay :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 2 5 Star Butterfly and Mabel Pines clothes swap by Ardenkopokefan Star Butterfly and Mabel Pines clothes swap :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 12 3 Brother Sister head swap by Ardenkopokefan Brother Sister head swap :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 46 71 Amy Vandergelt into a basketball by Ardenkopokefan Amy Vandergelt into a basketball :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 2 4 Allison 2016 by Ardenkopokefan Allison 2016 :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 6 4 Undertale Frisk by Ardenkopokefan Undertale Frisk :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 7 7 RWBY Start with a Yang by Ardenkopokefan RWBY Start with a Yang :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 10 11 Zenida 2016 by Ardenkopokefan Zenida 2016 :iconardenkopokefan:Ardenkopokefan 1 5


It's another year and I am not sure...
Today is another year and I still can't get past what happen....
On April 6, my life and everyone who knew this amazing person changed when she passed away five years ago. She was my opposite, my Yin to my Yang if you will. She was the Positive while I was the Negative. We made had our differences but that never stop her from being the great friend and amazing person she was. From always encouraging me to continue my studies to healing the wounds I get from school or anywhere else I got into fights. She was always there and she would never abandon me. Someone to rely on to pick you up when your down, someone who will stand up for you when you can not, someone who will motivate you to be better. The world was really robbed of another amazing person on that day.
Even when she moved to a new school she would still find a way to stay in contact. I may have falling down and wanted to quit school due to the constant problems I've been dealing with. But she said to never l
:iconjoelgtdan:JoelGTDan 2 5
Rex by ONATaRT Rex :icononatart:ONATaRT 95 7 Ash and Misty by SureenInk Ash and Misty :iconsureenink:SureenInk 467 78 HI Ash by sunshineikimaru HI Ash :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 1,583 389 Interview with Ash Ketchum by DukeStewart Interview with Ash Ketchum :icondukestewart:DukeStewart 945 232 Pokemon: Black n' White by DukeStewart Pokemon: Black n' White :icondukestewart:DukeStewart 492 284 S E N P A I by moremindmel0dy S E N P A I :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 7,189 431 f r o n t i e r by moremindmel0dy f r o n t i e r :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 3,906 214 :SW: Light n Dark by PrinceOfRedroses :SW: Light n Dark :iconprinceofredroses:PrinceOfRedroses 371 0 Ash Yakamura: Alt-Outfit by LnDDeviantart Ash Yakamura: Alt-Outfit :iconlnddeviantart:LnDDeviantart 11 4 Katara and Toph (reupload) by chupipupi10 Katara and Toph (reupload) :iconchupipupi10:chupipupi10 59 2 Welcome to cold- by HopelessAmyRose Welcome to cold- :iconhopelessamyrose:HopelessAmyRose 7 7 Chibi body swap by Tglover21 Chibi body swap :icontglover21:Tglover21 47 2 Serena and bonnie (NEW) by chupipupi10
Mature content
Serena and bonnie (NEW) :iconchupipupi10:chupipupi10 59 2


Request Samus and Lucy head swap
Here is a long time request :iconsquadalaguy: Where he wanted both Samus from Metroids and Lucy from Pokémon swapping heads
I figure have some fun how they reacted to this
Samus not happy with the arrangements but Lucy seems to love her new body hehehehe cant blame her
Also to my bed I hope you like it sorry for the wait dude
To one of my bestest friends here a gift
To a great guy who helped me with a lot as an artist and friend :iconjoelgtdan:
He is one of the dudes here that inspired me to pick up a pencil and draw what I love to draw now XD
I want to repay him with this drawing of all his favorite characters and drew some of mine in there as well
This one is the most toughest as I never drew this many people before but I wanted to at least give it my best for a dear friend
This basically is me and Joel and how his imagination is too much to contain and lets out all these guys here lol
I will name all those who I drew from top to bottom
First to last: Green Arrow, Allison, Kelly, Captain Cold, Luigi, Star Butterfly, Ruby Rose, Poliwhirl, Shyguy, Akame, Duskull, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lux Crownguard, me lol, Joel, Adriana, Katarina Du Couteau, Darth Vader, Kirby, Zwei, and Dip
Sabrina teasing Adriana
Hey guys here is another one and no this was totally not inspired by my awesome friend :icondracoknight545: here this sketch he did was just pure coincidence lol
Sketch Suggestion #14 by Dracoknight545
Anyway we got Sabrina from Pokémon mmm >u> teasing my oc sis Adriana after getting in a one sided head swap lol I think Sabrina is having too much fun though XD
A lazy cat booping Kelly's head
Another pic which shows Leon who is so lazy right now just boops Kelly's nose
While Kelly just hangs here as a head wondering who is going to help her out
I figure these two need an interaction since I think I barely draw these to interacting

Kelly: Ummm hey cat when are you going to help me or find someone who could?

Leon: When I feel like it. I am too tired now and just want to lie on the floor a bit.

Kelly: You been on the floor for 4HOURS!!!

Leon: Yeah but I'm still sleepy here so be quiet while I sleep a few.

Kelly: You got to be kidding me and can you at least stop touching my nose.

Leon: Nah I like to boop it.

Kelly: Ugh no one will understand my predicament right now.
Allison the Snowgirl
Say hello to 201 Allison and hey guys I am back and with some better news so far
But anyway moving on we got Allison who is now in the body of a Snowman
The gang thought instead of build a head for their snowman they use Allison's head instead and call it a day lol
I don't think Allison likes what just happen to her though ^^;

Allison: "Oh Allison... go help the others build a snowman...." "It be fun," she said. Where is the harm in helping. I so saw this coming the moment Arthur and Kelly kept eyeing on me.... *sigh* I really hope I don't get a head cold now... Spring is coming soon.


S. Andrew
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi I am Steven or Steve whatever you prefer.:D Anyway my passion to draw has increase and with guidance hopefully I will be decent at it also I am really starting to get into writing though I am not good at it I hope to be good at it someday. I really love manga and anime a lot and like my deviant user name says I am a pokefan. I love Pokémon and will continue to love it! :) I am also a gamer played many games like Super Mario, Sonic the hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Megaman in the old days, street fighters, Tekken, Fifa sometimes, Super Smash bros, Kirby, and of course Pokémon. I can be a chill guy when you get to know me and always fun to be around! :D I love fantasy stories, TF, AP, AR, GB, and swap stories they are awesome. ;) I like to roleplay and just chill with friends I guess that what you need to know. :D
My current residence is the Garden State New Jersey.
My Awesome level is too high to count or to low to notice lol
A personal quote of mine um let's see... "420 Yoloswaggins!"
pokemon by AddisonxxPokemon
Hey guys been a while since I made a journal anyway just want to thank everyone who loved and faved my work that means a lot and who so much I see in my inbox lol
Another is sorry for my disappearance tbh I think it might be a on again off again kind of thing I just cant seem to stay online all the time and with good reason
Lately I moved to a new place with the family and its at least affordable compare to my old home but I still miss my old house
Still maybe this can be cool to see somethings and learn a new area
Also I have met some cool people online since return and if your reading this thanks for being awesome lol
Like I said I will be around but not to active as here as often but the holidays are coming

Oh one more thing thanks for all the birthday replies means a lot to me ;)


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